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Xact Metal expands partnership with Materialise

Xact Metal continues its partnership with Materialise to expand access to affordable metal 3D printing for small to mid-sized companies and decentralize additive manufacturing.

Materialise’s Magics 3D Print Suite simplifies data and build preparation with easy-to-use CAD and mesh tools, automatic support generation, build preparation and tool path generation.

The new version of Magics features Workflow Automation, a tool for automating repetitive workflows in data and build preparation. The software is now also integrated with Materialise’s cloud-based platform CO-AM, which makes the 3D printing process traceable.

“We have been working with Materialise since the foundation of Xact Metal six years ago”, said Juan Mario Gomez, Xact Metal CEO. “For over 20 years Materialise has been a front runner in the success industrial adoption of metal power-bed fusion. We have worked together to bring new solutions including Materialise Print for Xact Metal, Materialise Auto-Scaffold for Xact Metal, the Dental Module, and Multi- Optic Laser Control.”

“We are pleased to extend our partnership with Materialise as we continue to aim to make metal 3D printing not only affordable, but easy to use,” said Gomez. “Materialise’s products compliment the Xact Metal mission and have been a factor in our success. To date we have over 100 installations of Materialise software supporting our metal 3D printers at our customers and sales partners around the world.”

Find out more about Xact Metal at xactmetal.com.

For more information about Materialise, please visit materialise.com.

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