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Xact Metal launches new XM300G series metal 3D-printer

Aiming to bring affordable metal 3D-printing to small- to medium-sized companies and decentralize metal 3D printing, Xact Metal announced the launch of the XM300G series of affordable mid-size metal 3D printers at IMTS 2022 in Chicago, Illinois.



“With pricing beginning at a US MSRP of $200,000 dollars, the XM300G series is ideal for printing high quantities or large parts where print speed is critical,” said Juan Mario Gomez, CEO of Xact Metal. “Based on the XM200G multi-laser printer platform, the introduction of the XM300G is another example of how Xact Metal continues to combine the requirements of metal powder-bed fusion and advanced technology to establish a new level of price and performance for additive manufacturing.”

The XM300G family is a single-, dual-, or quad- independent laser system with 100% overlapping print zones that introduces industrial speed and performance at an affordable price, allowing small-to-medium companies to benefit from metal laser powder-bed fusion technology. A large 300x300x350 mm build volume, upgradable to 300x300x450 mm, a selection of 400W or 700W fiber lasers, and an interchangeable build platform to reduce printing cycle time, makes the XM300G well-suited to support a wide variety of additive manufacturing applications. Xact Metal has already received orders for the XM300G. Shipments are scheduled to start 3Q 2023.

“Xact Metal aims to further expand the use of metal 3D printing in multiple industries including aerospace, automotive, and general manufacturing.” Says Gomez. “The XM300G and XM200G printers are tailored to customers starting their entry into metal 3D printing in various applications, including product development, manufacturing, research, and education”.

Xact Metal will be at IMTS 2022 at booth 433041. Visit their website to learn more: xactmetal.com/xm300g.

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