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Xenia Materials launches support program for academic research

Xenia Materials, a global supplier of high-performance thermoplastic composites, has announced the launch of its new Academic & Research Support Program. Targeted at universities, research centers and technology institutes, this program underscores Xenia’s commitment to innovation through collaboration and knowledge sharing in the field of materials science.

Participating institutions will have access to Xenia’s ultra-lightweight, high-performance products, including advanced materials for injection molding applications and 3D printing materials developed specifically for FGF additive manufacturing. These products enable researchers to conduct extensive testing and experimentation to meet even the most demanding project requirements.

Xenia Materials’ portfolio includes over 150 different composites covering the entire polymer pyramid. This ranges from engineering polymers such as HDPE, POM, ABS and PET-G to high performance ultra polymers such as PEI, PESU, PEEK and PPS. These materials are reinforced with carbon or glass fibers to achieve maximum lightweight properties.

With this initiative, Xenia aims to provide academic institutions with valuable insights into the industry and enable them to develop innovative and sustainable solutions. The program includes not only access to high-quality materials, but also special economic conditions to promote research and development.

This partnership between industry and academia promises to drive innovation in materials science and support the development of new technologies in 3D printing. The extensive opportunities offered through the Academic & Research Support Program are designed to help turn brilliant ideas into reality and explore cutting-edge materials.

The Xenia Materials initiative is an important step towards intensifying cooperation between industry and research institutions and thus creating the basis for future technological advances.

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