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Young founder builds 3D printing company with 45 printers

At the age of just 18, Jann Dickhaus has turned his passion into a successful business. In 2015, he started his fascination for 3D printing as a 13-year-old. This gave rise to the idea for the company 3ddesign24, which he founded with a lot of determination and entrepreneurial spirit.

Since then, 3ddesign24 has continuously invested in expanding its 3D printing capabilities. Today, the company has 45 3D printers of different technologies. These machines are state-of-the-art and enable the production of projects in record time and precision.

Founder Jann Dickhaus is proud of what he has achieved: “It’s always been my dream to be in this business and build something unique.” 3ddesign24 has made a name for itself not only for its printing capabilities, but also for its well-coordinated team.

The company offers custom 3D printing solutions for prototyping, architecture, medical and other industries. In the future, Dickhaus plans to expand further to offer customers even more capacity.

3ddesign24 places a high value on innovation and customer satisfaction. With the impressive growth in young years, founder Jann Dickhaus has impressively proven that discipline and passion can lead to business success.

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