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YouTuber 3D-prints designer chair Magis Spun armchair

An ambitious 3D printing project has shown that it is possible to recreate a high-priced designer chair at low cost. YouTuber Morley Kert attempted to reproduce the Magis Spun chair using 3D printing.

Morley used publicly available dimensions for the modeling and refined the design by taking his own measurements on an original model. The printing process itself took around 4-5 days, spread over 15 machines at 3D printing service provider Slant 3D.

The biggest hurdle was assembly. Morley used dowels for alignment and epoxy resin as an adhesive. Problems with the accuracy of fit and the curing of the adhesive led to frustration and almost the abandonment of the project. By rethinking and the additional use of superglue, it was finally possible to assemble the chair.

The material costs amounted to around 350-400 dollars for the PLA filament used. Together with the printing costs and shipping, the total price added up to 636 dollars – cheaper than the original, but still a considerable amount.

Despite some inaccuracies and aesthetic flaws, the finished chair proved to be functional and stable. However, Morley emphasized that this was an experiment and not an attempt to replace or copy the original.

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