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YouTuber builds 3D-printed wind turbine for power generation

At a time when the energy transition and the use of renewable energies are becoming increasingly important, a YouTuber called MrTeslonian has developed an innovative solution for generating green electricity in remote locations. Using 3D printing, he has constructed a functioning wind turbine.

The project, which he documents in detail in a YouTube video, shows how various materials and 3D printers were used to produce the components of the wind turbine. Starting with the five rotor blades, the nose cone and the main shroud, through to the rotor and stator for power generation.

One of the key points of the project was the selection of suitable materials that could withstand extreme conditions such as wind, weather and heat. ASA filament was used for the rotor and stator, which can withstand higher temperatures better than conventional plastics such as PET-G.

To achieve the most efficient electricity production possible, MrTeslonian invested a lot of effort in the development of the generator. He experimented with different winding patterns and the series connection of the coils. This allows him to achieve a high voltage even at low speeds.

Finally, he demonstrated the assembly and commissioning of the fully functional 3D-printed wind turbine. In future, this will supply power to a security camera that is too far away from a house connection.

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