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YouTuber builds portable wind turbine with 3D printed parts

British YouTuber Robert Murray-Smith has presented his portable wind turbine in a new video. This is based on a self-designed 3D-printed generator that Murray-Smith had previously developed.

For the construction, the YouTuber relies on a modular approach. The generator can be flexibly combined with various components. For the wind turbine, Murray-Smith chose a foldable camera tripod as the basic structure.

He designed the rotor blade-holding parts of the turbine using Tinkercad and then 3D printed them. The video shows the assembly of the components. Thanks to retractable rotor blades, the turbine can be transported in a space-saving manner.

In a practical test on a hill, the wind turbine was able to demonstrate its performance potential. At wind speeds as low as 3-4 m/s, it supplied enough electricity to light up an LED panel. According to Murray-Smith, the turbine could also charge smartphone batteries with a voltage regulator.

The YouTube video presents detailed building instructions for a compact and efficient wind turbine. By using 3D printing and modular design, it becomes accessible to ambitious do-it-yourselfers. Murray-Smith also made the SLT files used, which are required for 3D printing, available for free on Thingiverse.

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