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YouTuber presents 3D printed car jack

In a video on her YouTube channel “Emily The Engineer” engineer Emily shows how she attempts to create a fully functional jack using 3D printing. With a 3D printer cleverly stowed in the trunk, she humorously stages herself in a flat tire situation to test the robustness of her invention in a real-world setting.

Emily modeled the jack using Onshape software and then printed it from PLA. During initial load tests, in which she attempts to lift a 900-kilogram lawn mower, weaknesses in the design become apparent. However, after some adjustments and tweaks, she manages to successfully lift the lawn mower.

For the final version of the jack, Emily opts for the more durable polycarbonate (PC) material and uses 100% infill in the printing process. Despite some challenging moments during the experiment, she manages to lift an entire car with the 3D-printed jack.

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