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YouTuber presents 3D printed sock knitting machine

YouTuber and maker Joshua De Lisle has created a sock knitting machine entirely using 3D printing. In a video, he presents the development and operation of the self-built knitting machine.

According to De Lisle, 3D printing is not yet suitable for making clothing. However, mechanisms and machines can be manufactured well with it. So he decided to design and print a knitting machine for socks.

An Anycubic Cobra 2 was used as the 3D printer. Using PLA+ printable plastic, De Lisle was able to create robust functional components. However, he had to make a few adjustments during the development process. For example, he raised the height of a central part and reduced wall thicknesses to save material.

During assembly and adjustment of the machine, the YouTuber encountered further challenges. For example, he replaced the originally planned gears with a TPU drive belt. The setup for knitting the heel also proved difficult. Nevertheless, De Lisle successfully demonstrates how to make a stocking in the video.

The YouTuber is making the model for the knitting machine available for free on Thingiverse. It can be downloaded here.

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