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YouTuber presents 3D printed wine decanting machine

Maker Fraens may have developed the world’s first 3D-printed wine decanting machine. While conventional decanting machines can cost a thousand euros, this machine consists of cheaper 3D-printed parts.

Decanting serves several purposes at once: On the one hand, it separates any sediment that may be present, especially with older red wines. Secondly, decanting brings the wine into contact with oxygen, which allows the aroma of the wine to develop better. With young red wines, decanting thus provides more fruitiness and complexity.

According to the inventor, the machine is ideal for wine lovers who also have a 3D printer. This is because the decanter machine can be easily and inexpensively reproduced with such a printer. He provides the 3D models for 3D printing and the instructions on the Cult3D platform for 20 euros.

In a video he shows the development, the printing and the final product:

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