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YouTuber rebuilds Dyson fan with 3D printing for $30

On the Slant 3D channel, an interesting concept for a 3D-printed fan was presented. This is inspired by the famous rotorless fans of the Dyson company.

In the video, the working principle of the Dyson fans is first explained. The air is directed through a complex system of ducts and blown out in a directed manner through specially shaped openings. This creates the desired cooling effect, without visible rotors.

However, the complex design makes the Dyson fans very expensive. This is where 3D printing comes in, according to the YouTuber. In the video, a prototype fan was printed in its entirety. This uses a simple centrifugal motor that pushes the air through two side slots.

The prototype was convincing in the test, even though it was created in just 24 hours. Of course, there is still potential for improvement, for example in air distribution. But the video impressively shows how 3D printing can simplify the production of such complex structures.

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