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YouTuber shows how to make your own concrete figures with 3D-printed moulds

The YouTube channel ArtByAdrock has published a practical tutorial showing how to create molds for concrete figures using a standard 3D printer.

In the first part of the tutorial, the creator demonstrates how to design a two-part model with a pour spout and registration points. These elements are crucial for the precise alignment of the mold halves and a smooth casting process.

For the 3D printing of the mold, ArtByAdrock uses flexible TPU filament. The choice of this material makes it much easier to demold the concrete part later, especially with complex geometries. A release spray further ensures a trouble-free separation of the mold and concrete part.

The casting material used is a concrete mix with a consistency similar to pancake batter. This flowable mixture allows even fine details of the mold to be captured.

A particular advantage of this method is the reusability of the mold. After removing the concrete part, the TPU mold can be immediately used for the next cast. This makes the process especially interesting for hobbyists and small-scale production.

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