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YouTuber uses 3D printer for injection molding production

YouTuber Stefan from CNC Kitchen has shown the possibilities and challenges of using 3D printers for injection molding processes in a video.

The project began with the design of a simple injection mold using CAD software. The mold was then produced using a Formlabs resin printer made from heat-resistant resin. This material is particularly suitable for injection molding applications due to its temperature resistance and rigidity.

Initial trials with a modified Prusa MK4 3D printer showed that standard PLA filament did not completely fill the mold. High-speed PLA and other materials such as ASA and PETG also failed to produce satisfactory results.

A decisive improvement was achieved by preheating the mold to 120°C. This prevented the plastic from cooling down too quickly during injection. In addition, the use of a more powerful hotend proved to be advantageous.

Using a Peopoly Magneto X printer, equipped with a high-performance hotend and a 1.8 mm nozzle, the mold was finally filled almost completely. Particularly good results were achieved with flexible TPU filament.

The experiment showed that a precise design without undercuts is essential for more complex shapes. In addition, the injection pressure plays a critical role. Despite the challenges, the project demonstrates the potential of 3D printers for low-volume injection molding. It enables the production of detailed parts from flexible materials that are difficult to realize with conventional 3D printing processes.

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