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Zetamix: NANOE enters into partnership with Royal Netherlands Navy

An expert in ceramics since its founding in 2008, NANOE is establishing a partnership with the Royal Netherlands Navy. Their goal : Look for the possibilities of equipping LPD Ships with a Zetamix system in order to produce metal and ceramic parts on site.

The RNN has acquired one Zetamix system for evaluation and testing purposes. The goal is not only to evaluate part quality, accuracy and strength but also to look what is needed to implement the technology on board of a ship and certification.

“Printing metal parts directly on board would be a significant progress as it would help the Navy in increasing combat readiness and in reducing the logistical footprint. “ Said Max Nijpels, AM specialist for the Royal Netherland Navy.

Indeed, because Zetamix filaments are compatible with fff 3D printers, they  shorten manufacturing times in addition to reduce production costs of ceramic and metal parts. Thus, by adopting the technology, the Navy intends to liberate from the constraints of outsourcing and gain in flexibility and autonomy.

Founded by 3 engineers in 2008, Nanoe is a French company specialized in the elaboration and production of highly innovative materials. They produce high quality ceramic powder for cutting edge industries such as aerospace and medical fields. Thanks to their knowledge and know how in the ceramics field, they launched in 2018 a new brand, Zetamix: the first ceramic and metal filaments accessible to all.

Find out more about NANOE at nanoe.com/en.

For more information about the Royal Netherlands Navy, please visit defensie.nl.

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