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Zhuhai CTC to Provide OEM Services to SLA 3D Printer Manufacturer

Chinese 3D printer manufacturer Zhuhai CTC Electronic Co. will offer OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturing) services to help companies convert from producing FDM 3D printers to SLA technology.

For far, Zhuhai CTC has signed agreements with customers in Japan, the US and Germany. The company’s aim is to provide customised software services and cooperate for the development of new desktop SLA 3D printers.

Zhuhai CTC is one of the leading Chinese 3D printer manufacturers, offering desktop as well as industrial-grade SLA 3D printers besides their consumer FDM 3D printers. They have also recently introduced their first metal 3D printer series called Walnut. In 2015, the company sold more than 25,000 3D printers  achieving a 10% share of the global market.

While a vast number of new consumer FDM 3D printers has been hitting the market pushing prices down, desktop SLA 3D printers such as the Form 2 by Formlabs are gaining popularity.

He Siyi, head of PR at Zhuhai CTC Electronic, said: “Despite low printing stability and quality, FDM printers are only affordable in a less mature market. As the 3D printer market evolves, high-precision SLA printers are becoming the first choice among customers. We are pleased that we have the opportunity to share our 3D printing technology with peers in a bid to contribute to the upgrade of desktop printers.”

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