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Zortrax Makes an Appearance on the Catwalk in the 3D Printed Fashion of Irina Tosheva 3D

At the catwalk in Florence the next generation of stylish clothes can be admired. The designer Irina Tosheva has combined classical 3D Macedonian elements with 3D printing clothes to create a new fashion collection.

Irina Tosheva is a designer from Macedonia. Before her current collection she hasn’t worked with 3D printing very often but for this collection she wanted to add traditional Macedonian symbols to her creations. Therefore Irina has teamed up with an architect to create the necessary 3D objects for 3D printing. Even if you are not very interested in fashion – when you look at the created fashion designs you can’t deny they look very interesting. The 3D printed elements are not completely new in fashion business but they were kind of forgotten in the last time. Now it seems that this technique is revived.

The printed parts were produced by Dejan Brazansky from MK3D Printing, a Macedonian company that 3D prints objects. All parts were printed with a Zortrax M200 3D printer and the Z-ULTRAT filament. 2.000 gram of filament where used and the printer was running for 200 hours to produce all parts. Nevertheless, 3D printing was much cheaper than creating the parts with conventional technique and the results are satisfying.


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