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3devo revises its purchase and rental options

3devo has revised its purchase and rental options to meet the diverse needs of innovative projects in various industries. This move is aimed at driving sustainable development and realizing the full potential of 3D printing.

The company has specifically tailored its offerings to meet the unique challenges and goals ranging from academic research to commercial developments in industry.

For institutions looking to invest in long-term filament production projects, 3devo offers the option to purchase the Filament Maker. This option is particularly suitable for projects supported by educational funding and allows users to modify and co-develop the machines. Buyers also benefit from comprehensive induction and training to ensure the technology is fully utilized. In addition, 3devo offers an optional Success Subscription Service that includes maintenance, support and consultancy to ensure long-term success.

3devo also offers flexible rental models, which are ideal for customers who want to test the functions of the Filament Maker without long-term commitments. This option makes it possible to scale quickly and cost-effectively by adding more machines to the subscription as required. Rental customers enjoy the benefit of flexible access to the Success Subscription Service, which ensures that they receive the support they need during the period of use.

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