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Guest Posts: Use 3Printr.com to share your projects, news and ideas

3Printr.com welcomes your input! 

Are you as excited about 3D printing as we are? Whether you are user, DIY-er, maker, service provider, merchant, manufacturer or simply thrilled about 3D printing technologies, you can use 3printr.com to share your thoughts and ideas with the community.

From the 3D Printing Community for the 3D Printing Community!

The independent magazine 3Printr.com is more than happy to independently report on any kind of development in this field and can help you to promote your project within the community and to generally drive the development of this fascinating technology.

All serious and non-promotional news, press releases, announcements and projects that are of interest for the community are welcome. Moreover we gladly list reputable commercial provider within our categories manufacturer, merchants, service provider, software or events.

You are more than welcome to publish guest posts including name and link on our page. However we do not accept articles of SEO agencies for keyword rankings.

Use 3Printr.com to share your projects, news, ideas and requests!

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