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Ceramic 3D Printing Market: VoxelMatters Sees Annual Growth of 36.5 %

Voxelmatters, formerly 3dpbm Research, has published a report on ceramic additive manufacturing. The company researches the current market as well as provides forecasts through 2030.

In additive manufacturing of ceramics, it is important to distinguish between AM processes for technical ceramics and AM processes for traditional ceramics. The two applications are very different: while technical ceramics manufacturing is used to produce high-performance parts that typically weigh only a few grams, traditional ceramics are mainly used to produce very large molds and foundry cores that weigh several kilograms.

While there are other applications – for both engineered and traditional ceramics – where these boundaries between technologies and materials are blurring, there are essentially two very different ceramic AM markets. These two markets are covered in Voxelmatters’ “Ceramic AM Market Opportunities and Trends.”

The company has identified 96 companies active in the ceramic AM market. These are companies that provide ceramic AM hardware, ceramic AM materials, and/or ceramic AM services. These companies were interviewed and a comprehensive study of the market was conducted using this information and additional data. Likewise, the team interviewed leading AM industry players and independent consultants to further validate and verify the data, estimates and analysis.

In total, the dataset for this market study includes over 6,000 data points, providing an accurate snapshot of the current global ceramic AM market. Using Voxelmatters’ proprietary forecasting model – which integrates multiple coefficients representing a wide range of influencing factors – the ceramic AM market is estimated to grow from $154 million in 2020 to over $3.4 billion in 2030. Significant growth is taking place in new areas of development such as binder jetting and bonded filament extrusion of engineered ceramic materials, with the continued rapid development of production-ready stereolithographic processes and the ongoing adoption of large-format sand binder jetting systems for industrial casting applications.

Leading and emerging companies covered in this report include: 10dim Tech, 3D Potter, 3DCeram, Admatec, Alumina Systems, AON, Bosch Advanced Ceramics, Cerhum, DWS, EASYMFG, EnvisionTEC, ExOne, Formatec, Hetitec, HumTown Additive, iLaser, Kyocera Fine Ceramics, Lithoz, Nanoe, nScrypt, Prodways, Steinbach, Tethon 3D, VormVrij, voxeljet, WASP, WZR, XJet, Zipro and several more.

The full report can be found here.

Find out more about Voxelmatters at voxelmatters.report.

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