The Electric Bubblegum Board is partly made of 3D printed parts and has recently been launched on Kickstarter.

The low-cost board weighs 12.1 lbs and can go 21 mph with a range of approximately 10 miles. The makers behind this Skateboard are currently seeking for $ 55,000 to fund their project on Kickstarter. Included in the price of $550 is a USB Stick containing all STL files necessary to reprint broken parts. The electronic on the bottom of the board uses a Lifep04 pack with battery management, which can be recharged with a 9v charger in 2 hours and 15 minutes. Electric Bubblegum includes a LED voltage meter to track battery life. It is controlled with a wireless Wii Nunchuck and Arduiono on the board.

“The concept behind this design was to make a board with easily printable ABS parts that can be replaced by the user.  This allows users to reprint pulleys and covers on their own.”

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