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First Commercial 3D Printer in Space Creates First Tool

Installed abord the International Space Station back in April this year, the 3D printer called Additive Manufacturing Facility (AMF) by Made In Space has printed its first tool last week.

Just like the first ever 3D printed tool in space that was produced in December 2014, the printed object is a wrench. Astronauts can use this tool for maintenance work aboard the orbiting lab. The design also incorporates a fastening clip that helps astronauts keep track of the wrench in zero gravity.

Unlike the first zero gravity 3D printer also created by Made In Space and owned by NASA, the AMF is a fully operational commercial machine owned by the company. It can be accessed by customers on Earth for specific prints up to a size of 10 x 14 x 10 cm – for example, a medical device company prototyping space optimised designs or a satellite manufacturer testing new deployable geometries.

Image: NASA/Made In Space/Lowe's
Image: NASA/Made In Space/Lowe’s

The 3D printed wrench was created in cooperation with the home improvement store Lowe’s. It shows the name of the tool producer Kobalt on it.

The wrench “demonstrates the capability of the AMF to manufacture purpose-specific tools and hardware on demand,” Jenny Popis, manager of corporate public relations at Lowe’s, told Space.com.


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