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Guha Manogharan becomes co-director of Penn State University’s Center for Additive Manufacturing

Guha Manogharan, associate professor of mechanical engineering at Penn State, has been named co-director of the Center for Innovative Materials Processing by Direct Digital Deposition (CIMP-3D). Manogharan succeeds Tim Simpson, the Paul Morrow Professor of Design and Manufacturing Engineering, who has held the position since the center’s inception in 2012.

“I am thankful for the opportunity to advance CIMP-3D’s prominent role in the additive manufacturing community, having personally benefited from its world-class resources and institutional knowledge as a researcher,” Manogharan said. “As co-director, I look forward to developing new capabilities for CIMP-3D in additive manufacturing research, development and education. I also will focus on creating opportunities for students and researchers from Penn State’s commonwealth campuses to leverage CIMP-3D facilities and expertise.”

Located at Innovation Park, CIMP-3D is an interdisciplinary research center dedicated to the advancement of additive manufacturing and materials research. The center offers industrial-grade manufacturing capabilities for polymer, metal and ceramic structures, including multi-material additive manufacturing and large-scale robotic arc and laser additive manufacturing systems, as well as advanced process monitoring and control.

CIMP-3D provides technical support to industry, government and academic partners and engages in workforce development, education and outreach. The center is operated by 20 full-time engineers and scientists from Penn State’s Applied Research Laboratory (ARL) who support the research activities of more than 45 faculty members from five of the university’s colleges.

Manogharan will serve as co-director with Ted Reutzel, director of CIMP-3D from the ARL, and Allison Beese, co-director of CIMP-3D from the College of Earth and Mineral Sciences. Beese is also director of graduate programs in additive manufacturing and design at Penn State and is part of the Department of Mechanical Engineering.

“Guha’s curiosity, relentless energy and passion for additive manufacturing will uphold the center’s legacy and jumpstart new innovations,” Reutzel said. “His drive to push the boundaries of additive manufacturing will ensure CIMP-3D remains a global leader in the discovery, development and deployment of additive manufacturing technology for years to come.”

Manogharan, who has been at Penn State since 2016 and earned his master’s and doctorate degrees in industrial and systems engineering from North Carolina State University, heads the Systems for Hybrid Additive Process Engineering (SHAPE) lab at Penn State.

“Dr. Manogharan is a recognized expert in additive manufacturing,” said Mary Frecker, Riess Chair of Engineering, professor and head of the Department of Mechanical Engineering. “His leadership will advance CIMP-3D’s prominence nationally, as well as foster collaboration among researchers at Penn State.”

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