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Israeli start-up ioTech presents disruptive 3D printing technology

The Israeli company ioTech presented its innovative CLAD technology for 3D printing at the LOPEC trade fair. According to the company, the patented process is set to shape the future of additive manufacturing in microelectronics.

The so-called “Continuous Laser Assisted Deposition” (CLAD) combines laser support with a continuous deposition process for the first time. This should make it possible to 3D print most commercially available industrial materials – at high speed and with unprecedented resolution.

As ioTech emphasizes, no material adjustments need to be made for this. Instead, customers can use their established and certified materials without any restrictions. Multi-material printing with metals, ceramics, polymers or soldering agents is also possible in a single work step.

According to the company, the io300 3D printer from ioTech currently achieves the fastest printing speeds and highest resolutions on the market. This could make the technology a game changer in many areas – from semiconductor packaging and printed circuit boards to μLED applications.

ioTech co-founder Hervé Javice particularly emphasizes the flexibility and agility of CLAD technology. In contrast to conventional screen and pad printing, it not only enables individualized geometries, but also rapid design changes without new masks or screens.

The process is also more sustainable and cheaper than subtractive manufacturing processes. It does not require any material removal or costly post-processing. Production facilities can therefore work more efficiently and in a more environmentally friendly way, emphasizes Javice.

The start-up ioTech was founded in 2016 and has an office in the UK in addition to its headquarters in Israel. According to the young company, over 50 patents have been granted, underpinning its pioneering technological role in additive manufacturing.

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