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Phasio and 3D Industrie enter into partnership for AI-supported ordering processes

Software company Phasio and consultancy 3D Industrie GmbH have partnered to improve the user experience when ordering 3D printed parts. Phasio is known for its AI-powered online calculator and workflow software, while 3D Industrie GmbH is one of the leading consulting companies for 3D printing service providers in the DACH region. Together, they offer a comprehensive tool that covers the entire process from ordering to shipping parts.

Through this collaboration, users benefit from a modern online platform that makes it possible to order parts efficiently and start projects. At the same time, 3D printing service providers receive important tools based on 3D Industrie GmbH’s many years of experience. More and more companies are relying on calculators for the ordering process of 3D printed parts in order to gain their first experience with 3D printed parts. In order to make this process as simple and efficient as possible, the psychology behind purchasing behavior is precisely implemented in the calculator. This enables companies to realize compelling projects quickly and easily.

The main benefits for 3D printing service providers include new customer acquisition and growth, improved internal processes and workflows, regulated data protection and increased data security, a customer portal for collaboration, archiving and part library as well as the automated sending of quotations.

“With Phasio, we have found a partner who, as a young dynamic team, is open to any changes in the 3D printing calculation and its workflow in order to increase the result for both the customer and the 3D printing service provider”, said Johannes Lutz from 3D Industrie GmbH.

“With 3D Industrie and Johannes Lutz in particular, we have access to an enormous wealth of experience in communication around 3D printing as well as in-depth expertise about the day-to-day work of 3D printing service providers, especially which processes and tools really make sense and need to be made available”, said Ludwig Hendl from Phasio.

Progress in this partnership is regularly announced through new updates and releases, continuously improving the efficiency and user-friendliness of the platform.

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