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Researchers enable high-speed microprinting with laser technology

Chinese researchers have achieved a tenfold increase in speed in multi-photon 3D laser printing without sacrificing detail. This innovation makes it possible to produce microscopic parts quickly and in a variety of materials.

This advance, presented in a new study, is based on the use of multiple focused beams instead of a single one, which significantly increases the voxel throughput rate. The researchers have strategically arranged these laser beams using custom-built optical components to ensure optimal focusing and energy delivery. As a result, the system not only prints faster, but can also process a wider range of materials.

Two demonstrations were presented in the study: First, millions of individually designed microparticles were printed, paving the way for personalized medicine and revolutionary drug delivery solutions. Secondly, the researchers presented a massive, complex metamaterial containing over 1.7 trillion voxels – a record-breaking feat in microprinting.

These advances are not limited to speed and complexity, but also affordability and accessibility. The critical optical components for this high-tech system were themselves manufactured using a commercially available laser printer, demonstrating the potential for wider adoption and democratization of this technology.

This research paints a vivid picture of the future. It enables the seamless printing of intricate micro-machines, personalized medical implants and breakthrough materials, all thanks to the revolution in multi-beam laser printing. By pushing the boundaries of speed and precision, researchers are paving the way for a future where microprinting shapes the world – one tiny, meticulously crafted voxel at a time.

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