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3D printing of aluminum: ADDDAM and IMR metal powder technologies enter into partnership

ADDDAM GmbH, a specialist in the 3D printing of aluminum based in South Tyrol, is entering into a partnership with IMR metal powder technologies GmbH, a renowned metal powder manufacturer from Austria.

The collaboration focuses on the development of an efficient and environmentally friendly process for the supply of aluminum alloy powders. By introducing a closed container system for powder delivery, ADDDAM and IMR are addressing essential industry requirements, including improving sustainability, ensuring process stability, guaranteeing material quality and increasing safety for operators.

The implementation of this system promises to significantly reduce environmental impact and increase operational safety by storing aluminum alloy powders in a controlled environment. For ADDDAM, this means access to purpose-built materials in environmentally responsible packaging, reflecting their commitment to sustainable manufacturing practices in the field of industrial aluminum 3D printing. IMR will benefit from improved production processes, increased efficiency and a reduction in packaging material, leading to an overall reduction in carbon footprint and improvements in the production process.

This partnership underlines the joint ambition to make the additive manufacturing industry more sustainable and efficient. By redesigning the supply chain and establishing new standards, the cooperation between ADDDAM and IMR demonstrates a clear vision for a greener future in 3D printing technology.

Both companies are committed to environmentally conscious manufacturing practices and aim to lead the 3D printing industry in environmentally sustainable practices. This initiative confirms their commitment to responsible production processes and underlines the importance of sustainability in modern manufacturing.

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