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3D printing startup Slant 3D expands its software platform

The US 3D printing service provider Slant 3D has presented its strategic goals for 2024. One focus is on expanding its own software platform. This should make it possible to easily integrate Slant’s 3D printing capacities into other applications.

Developers can access the start-up’s production systems directly via an application programming interface (API). According to Slant, this enables completely new business models. For example, users could operate their own online stores for 3D-printed products without having to invest in infrastructure themselves.

In addition to the API, Slant wants to publish reference applications and code examples. This should make it easier for developers to get started. The long-term goal is to make additive manufacturing accessible to a wide range of customers. Industries outside of 3D printing should also be able to benefit from the possibilities.

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