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AI in manufacturing: High hopes, but implementation lags behind

A new survey by MakerVerse, a platform for on-demand manufacturing, shows a clear gap between the potential of artificial intelligence (AI) and its actual use in European manufacturing companies.

The “2024 AI in European Manufacturing Report” sheds light on the current adoption rates, benefits and future expectations of AI in manufacturing. Only 5 percent of the manufacturers surveyed stated that they have fully integrated AI technologies into their manufacturing processes, while 43 percent do not use AI at all.

“Although the strategic importance of AI remains high, the actual introduction is lagging behind. This highlights significant opportunities for growth and innovation in manufacturing,” comments Dr. Markus Seibold, CEO of MakerVerse.

Many manufacturers cited a shortage of skilled workers and high initial investments as the main hurdles for the slow adoption of AI. At the same time, expectations of AI in terms of increasing efficiency are high: 79% of respondents expect AI to make a major contribution to optimization within the next five years.

The survey shows that there is certainly interest in AI. However, there is still a certain reluctance among many companies, which is certainly also due to a lack of expertise and uncertain cost-benefit ratios.

In order to exploit the diverse potential of AI for areas such as predictive maintenance, process optimization and autonomous systems, investments in specialist training and pilot projects are essential for European manufacturing companies.

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