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Amazon Acquires 3D-Shoe-Scan Specialist Shoefitr

Online retail giant Amazon has acquired Shoefitr, a company using 3D scan technology to help customers buy shoes online.

While we do have standardised sizes, not every shoe the same size fits the wearer and thus, a third of shoes bought online are returned. This is why Shoefitr has come up with a software solution that helps online customers to find the right size of a certain model. By 3D scanning the inside of shoes, the company has created a large database of accurate measurements.

“Our software shows shoppers how shoes will fit and recommends the best fitting size. We can also tell shoppers what shoes fit similarly to ones they already wear.”


Check out the following video to see how Shoefitr works:

Founded in 2010, Shoefitr has already created an extensive database of shoe measurements so far. Integrating this service could not only help Amazon’s clients to find the perfect fitting size, but also avoid returns in future.

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