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AMBUSH announces “100S” concept multi-verse sneaker, wearable in the metaverse and real life

AMBUSH announced “100S”, a concept multi-verse sneaker, ‘wearable’ in both the metaverse and real life. A symbol of sustainable technology, the innovative sneaker created in partnership with Zellerfeld uses recyclable materials and expands the possibilities of circular design. 100S comes with an NFT counterpart, unlocking wearables of the same design in the AMBUSH SILVER FCTRY metaverse and beyond.

The metaverse-ready sneaker is a result of combined efforts from AMBUSH’s web3 ventures and Zellerfeld’s innovative 3D printing shoe technology. AMBUSH made its entrance to the web3 space earlier this year with the launch of its POW! REBOOT NFT collection and SILVER FCTRY metaverse, while Zellerfeld’s groundbreaking technology produces made-to-order 3D printed sneakers with environmentally friendly, sweatshop-free production.

AMBUSH presented the sneaker prototype at Stadium Goods SoHo during NFT NYC from June 20th to June 23rd. AMBUSH co-founder and CEO VERBAL presented the prototype sneaker and introduced the project, hosted by Stadium Goods Director of Innovation Strategy, Neha Dayal and SVP Brand, Yuming Wu.

For more information, visit www.ambushdesign.com and zellerfeld.com.

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