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AML3D receives Million Euro Order for 3D Printing System

AML3D announced an order for a large custom ARCEMY metal 3D printing system. The printer will be installed at Austal USA Advanced Technologies’ facility in Charlottesville, Virginia.

The order, valued at approximately AUD$2.2 million, is the second received from AML3D’s value-added reseller, Philips Corporation, since the reseller agreement began in April 2023. Phillips Corporation is procuring ARCEMY units for the US shipbuilding industry, including the US Navy supply chain and industrial base, to help them rapidly deploy advanced manufacturing technologies within a sovereign defense and submarine industry.

The custom ARCEMY unit is based on the ARCEMY 6700 system and, once installed, will be the largest to date, achieving a build volume of up to approximately 35 cubic meters with an 11,000 kg positioner and a linear rail of over 4 meters. The unit is expected to be completed and installed in mid-2024, with payment being made in stages, i.e. 50% upfront and the balance after delivery, testing and commissioning.

The custom-built ARCEMY unit will be an integral part of the additive manufacturing capabilities currently being developed by Austal USA Advanced Technologies at its purpose-built facility in Charlottesville, Virginia, USA. Led by a team of industry partners, Austal USA Advanced Technologies operates the Navy’s Additive Manufacturing Center of Excellence in Danville, Virginia, the U.S. Navy’s flagship additive manufacturing facility for producing components to build the next generation of ships and boats.

Austal USA is investing in the future to expand its post-delivery support and maintenance offerings while supporting multiple shipbuilders, maintenance providers and the U.S. Navy, U.S. Coast Guard, Royal Navy and Royal Australian Navy on a wide range of military vessels deployed in the U.S. and its naval allies.

AML3D Managing Director Sean Ebert said: “This second order by Phillips’ over the past few months evidences the success of the reseller agreement with Phillips, which provides us with leverage their long-standing relationships with the US Department of Defense and their suppliers, enabling us to accelerate the development of a US ARCEMY sales pipeline to both Navy and its industrial base.

The sheer size of the custom-built ARCEMY unit demonstrates the breadth of demand and application of our technology, and importantly reaffirms the potential to further expand our footprint within the US Government and defense supply chain.

As momentum within AML3D’s US scale-up strategy continues to grow, we are seeing the commercial benefits. Notably, this order demonstrates strong alignment of our strategy with Austal USA Advanced Technologies efforts to revolutionise the U.S. Navy’s supply chain through the implementation of additive manufacturing for castings, forgings, and fittings.

The US is the largest Additive Manufacturing market in the world and AML3D’s most important growth market. The Company remains confident additional contracts in support of the US defense sector will be executed during the current financial year.”

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