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AMT presents desktop device for chemical vapor smoothing in 3D printing

AMT has introduced the PostPro SFX, a desktop device for chemical vapor smoothing in 3D printing. The goal of this new development is to optimize the surface finish and mechanical properties of parts. These are often produced using small-format powder bed 3D printing systems such as the Formlabs Fuse 1, Sinterit Lisa or the Wematter Gravity platform.

Although compact, the device offers an 11-liter process chamber and supports all common nylon materials. In addition, AMT plans to integrate flexible materials such as TPEs and TPUs soon.

A key feature of the PostPro SFX is AMT’s specialized PostPro Pure solvent. It is used for the smoothing process and can be safely disposed of after use. In addition, AMT has developed software in collaboration with Saint Gobain, the “Technology Upgrade Package (TUP lite)”. This enables users to achieve optimal results.

Commenting on the launch, Joseph Crabtree, CEO of AMT, said, “With the PostPro SFX, we want to make the technology of chemical vapor smoothing accessible to desktop users.”

Dr. Konstantin Rybalcenko, head of research and development at AMT, emphasized the company’s expertise, adding, “After years of experience in this field, we have already satisfied many customers with the AMT PostPro.”

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