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Additive Manufacturing Users Group Selects Mark Wynn for President’s Award

At its 35th annual conference, the Additive Manufacturing Users Group (AMUG) bestowed its prestigious President’s Award to Mark Wynn, Senior Technical Specialist for Yazaki North America, Inc. (Canton, Michigan).

Mark Wynn’s first AMUG Conference was in 1995, and his AMUG volunteerism reaches back to 2000. He served many roles over the years, including AMUGexpo team lead, Deputy Vice President, AMUG Board of Directors member, and Expo Committee Chair. In 2015, Wynn received another esteemed AMUG award, the DINO (Distinguished Innovator Operator).

The President’s Award recognizes the exemplary vision, leadership, and tireless years of service for the advancement of AMUG. Over its entire history, AMUG has presented only eleven President’s Awards. Mark Abshire, AMUG President, said, “Mark Wynn’s perseverance, dedication, passion, professionalism, and selflessness were apparent in each of the AMUG roles he filled. And the result of those qualities was excellence in his work.”

Wynn said, “I am extremely honored to have received the President’s Award. I am also truly humbled by the recognition. There have only been ten previous recipients in AMUG’s history, and they are among the people I admire and respect the most in the additive manufacturing industry. Just to be mentioned in their company is truly amazing.”

Abshire stated, “The measure of his leadership is the legacy he leaves behind. Mark has blazed a trail that guides present and future generations to succeed.” He continued, “Mark’s professionalism imparted order, structure, and efficiency into the operations he oversaw. Moreover, he did so without making it about him. Instead, it was always about the team, about AMUG, and about those AMUG serves.”

Bob Wood, AMUG Expo Committee Chair, concurred with Abshire, stating, “The 2023 AMUGexpo was by far the smoothest in terms of operations and logistics. And that is 100 percent due to what Mark Wynn had put into place in the prior years.”

Wood served on Wynn’s Expo Committee for four years and succeeded him as committee chair. In prior years, Wood was on the customer side of Wynn’s work. Wood said, “Mark always worked hard and diligently to do the best job possible. And throughout his work, he showed a commitment to and care for both AMUG and its exhibitors.”

Mark Wynn said, “Everything I have done for AMUG has been a team effort. I have worked beside many incredible people: AMUG Board members, expo team members, the Red Oak team, and all the AMUG volunteers. I share this award with all of them.” He continued, “For all the years of hard work for AMUG, I have gotten back much more than I have given, and I am sincerely grateful for the experience.”
Wynn said, “I would also like to thank Yazaki for all the support of AMUG. That support came from everyone from executive management to my management and to my awesome coworkers who covered the day-to-day workload when I was at the conference or planning for it.”

Abshire concluded, “I’ve had the good fortune to work with Mark Wynn in two capacities—as a customer and teammate. In both, I witnessed a strong dedication to quality—his standards are higher than most—coupled with patience to find solutions that work for both parties. Bottom line, Mark Wynn is a pleasure to be around.”

Past recipients of the President’s Award are Thomas A. Sorovetz (2000), Patti Brown (2006), Guy E. Bourdeau (2007), Robert Zubrickie (2010), Timothy Gornet (2013), Gary Rabinovitz (2014), Mark Abshire (2016), Elizabeth Goode (2019), Terry Hoppe (2021), and Vince Anewenter (2021).

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