Home Industry Another takeover attempt: Nano Dimension offers 1.7 billion dollars for Stratasys

Another takeover attempt: Nano Dimension offers 1.7 billion dollars for Stratasys

The Israeli company Nano Dimension is making another attempt at a complete takeover of 3D printing manufacturer Stratasys. Nano Dimension announced on December 23 that it had submitted a cash offer to Stratasys that had been raised to 16.50 dollars per share.

Nano Dimension had already attempted to acquire the outstanding Stratasys shares several times this year. With a stake of around 14 percent, it is currently the largest single shareholder. Most recently, a merger between Stratasys and its competitor Desktop Metal failed due to resistance from investors.

According to its own statements, Nano Dimension now believes the time has come to make another attempt – but without first contacting the Stratasys management. Due to the failed merger and the announcement of strategic options, a public announcement was deemed necessary.

If the offer, which now amounts to 16.50 dollars per share, is accepted by the Management Board and Supervisory Board, Nano Dimension would pay around 1.7 billion US dollars for the Stratasys shares. This is apparently intended to pre-empt possible third-party interest. The Stratasys management had announced an examination of alternative options after the originally planned merger met with great resistance.

It remains to be seen whether Nano Dimension’s renewed attempt will be successful.

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