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Anycubic Kobra 3 Combo 3D printer with filament changer under 500 US-Dollar

Just a few days ago, 3D printer manufacturer Anycubic made headlines with its new Kobra 3 Combo 3D printer, which has special hardware for multi-material printing. Now the manufacturer has announced a price for the first time. The standard price for the new Kobra printer will be 549 US dollars. The company has now also announced an Early Bird promotion.

The Anycubic Color Engine Pro (ACE Pro) is the central element of the new device. It enables parallel printing with up to 8 filament colors using two synchronized extruder boxes. RFID filament detection, integrated active drying and anti-locking protection are designed to ensure reliability. When changing colors, the ACE Pro no longer rolls back the filaments, but uses parallel-connected delivery lines. According to Anycubic, this minimizes material exchange times and waste.

Thanks to its cooperation with Pantone, Anycubic is offering certified 3D printing colors such as “Peach Fuzz”, “Interstellar Violet” etc. for the first time. The Kobra 3 has also been significantly accelerated: Up to 600 mm/min print speed for single material printing is possible. Acceleration sensors and active vibration compensation ensure high surface quality.

The company has now announced an Early Bird promotion. Not only can you win 30 free printers, but you also get a discount of 189 US dollars.

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