Home Industry Avio SpA aquires two Metal 3D Printers from Velo3D

Avio SpA aquires two Metal 3D Printers from Velo3D

Velo3D, a leader in additive manufacturing technology, announced that Avio S.p.A., a leading aerospace company, has purchased two 3D printers, a Sapphire XC 1MZ and an original Sapphire. The goal is to support the development and production of their propulsion systems and drive advances in the aerospace industry.

Avio, an innovation leader in the aerospace industry, is focused on making space travel more accessible and affordable. With the help of Velo3D, Avio aims to achieve new milestones in the design quality and time-to-market of its products.

The Sapphire printers offer high print volume and precision, enabling Avio to overcome traditional manufacturing constraints. They enable Avio to optimize designs and produce high-performance components with intricate geometries.

“Avio is one of the leading space companies in Europe and we are thrilled to partner with them in their pursuit of groundbreaking propulsion systems,” said Benny Buller, Founder and CEO of Velo3D. “They work with some of the most innovative companies and agencies in Europe and around the world to provide them with the technology they need to reach space. The Sapphire XC 1MZ will help Avio further accelerate the development of its propulsion systems and contribute to the ongoing transformation of the space industry.”

This partnership comes at a crucial time for the space industry, which is evolving through 3D printing. Velo3D is among the leading 3D printing providers for NewSpace companies, including SpaceX and Launcher.

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