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BASF Forward AM launches #ProjectZero to Reduce its Environmental Impact

BASF Forward AM has launched #ProjectZero, a long-term commitment to reduce its environmental impact. This includes the development of sustainable products, solutions and production methods as well as life cycle assessments to improve environmental communication in the 3D printing industry. In addition, the Carbon Compensation (CC) program aims to compensate for what cannot be eliminated.

The program has changed the way Forward AM operates by providing training and encouragement to make responsible decisions. It also consistently works to better understand both the environmental impact of materials in the development and manufacturing stages, as well as how consumers* use them.

“We at Forward AM take sustainability very seriously and provide as much transparency as possible for both our customers and the Additive Manufacturing (AM) industry at large,” the company explains, providing life cycle assessments for various products.

Under the CC program, BASF Forward AM offers carbon offsets for a number of products, with the goal of increasing the number of materials in the program to 12 by the end of 2023.

“As a global leader in advanced materials and 3D printing solutions, we recognize the importance of working towards a sustainable future for all. Forward AM is dedicated to reducing waste throughout our supply chain, minimizing our carbon footprint as well as to continue promoting social responsibility by ensuring fair labor practices and supporting local communities,” Martin Back, CEO and managing director of Forward AM, said. “Our innovative work and collaboration with other like-minded organizations will lead to meaningful progress towards these shared goals as the only way forward is together.”

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