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CAMPFIRE project – Fully automated solution for the post-processing of AM parts

The CAMPFIRE project, funded by Innovate UK and led by Rivelin Robotics, aims to develop a fully automated solution for the post-processing of aircraft parts, orthopaedic implants and gas turbine components. The project team is working closely with five partners, including Attenborough Medical, GKN Aerospace and Materials Solutions – a division of Siemens Energy.

The challenges in post-processing, such as removing support structures and achieving different surface qualities, are not only labor-intensive, but often time-consuming and dangerous. The current standard process for most metallic AM parts is based on manual methods, which present many operational challenges such as repeatability, quality control and high costs.

Rivelin Robotics has developed a solution that has generated a lot of interest since its market launch. The so-called Netshape robots offer fully automated post-processing capabilities, supported by Rivelin’s Netshape software. The company is working closely with hardware partners such as YASKAWA EU and Saint-Gobain Abrasives.

Interest in this technology is particularly high among companies that use metal AM processes for production. Attenborough, GKN and Materials Solutions, leaders in their respective industries, have already begun testing and implementing the NetShape robots for their specific applications. These companies see major limitations in traditional post-processing methods and therefore rely on Rivelin’s innovative technology.

The CAMPFIRE project not only provides a creative and collaborative platform for the further development of these technologies, but also a necessary response to the complex requirements of post-processing in metal 3D printing. The progress of the project could therefore be groundbreaking for the entire industry and significantly improve production efficiency in regulated industries.

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