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Celaya Tequila to build Homes in Mexico with 3D Printing Technology with New Story

Celaya Tequila, the premium tequila brand founded by brothers Matt and Ryan Kalil, has announced a partnership with New Story. New Story is an organization whose mission is to end global homelessness. It does this by building homes and using 3D printing.

With every bottle sold, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to an affordable housing project in Jalisco, Mexico.

The initiative supports families in Jalisco, the center of the tequila industry, including agave farmers and distillery workers who need access to safe housing.

“The tequila industry wouldn’t be where it is today without the creative community of Jalisco. Unfortunately, many families who create the world’s best tequila also lack the basic human right of adequate housing. We’re honored to partner with Celaya Tequila to change that,” commented New Story CEO, Brett Hagler.

New Story has helped more than 15,000 people find housing since 2014 and relies on 3D printing technologies and environmentally friendly materials.

Celaya Tequila Co-Founder Ryan Kalil added: “We don’t want to forget the people of Jalisco and their dedication to excellence. Our friends at New Story give us the best opportunity to give back to these communities and through these essential ways.”

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