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CurifyLabs: Personalized medicines from the 3D printer

Finnish health tech start-up CurifyLabs has reached significant milestones in 2023 with its automated solution for the production of individualized medicines. Using 3D printing and proprietary pharmaceutical inks, the company provides a complete package for pharmacies and hospitals to produce patient-specific medicines.

As CurifyLabs explains in a press release, the innovation consists of a combination of 3D printing with specially developed pharmaceutical inks and quality control. This simplifies and scales up the manual production of individualized medicines.

According to co-founder Charlotta Topelius, the solution was developed in close collaboration with customers. Founded in 2021, CurifyLabs says it now has partnerships with leading pharmacies and clinics in over eight European countries. Initial steps have also been taken in the USA.

The market for individualized medicine is growing rapidly. Studies forecast annual growth of over 7 percent. CurifyLabs addresses this growing demand for customized treatments with its automated and scalable solution.

With the market launch of the complete “Pharma Kit” package in fall 2023, the company has already exceeded its sales target by 50 percent. This indicates high demand. For 2024, CurifyLabs plans to expand into additional markets and introduce new inks for oncology and pediatrics.

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