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Design Your Own 3D Printed Lillipop

Stuffhubs teams up with candymaker Papabubble based in San Francisco and gives customers the opportunity to design their own 3D printed candy.

Stuffhub came up with the idea of custom candy using 3D printing technology during a brainstorming session for Valentine’s Day promotions. In order to create the molds, Stuffhub uses a Stratasys uPrint SE 3D printer. The personalised molds are made out of food grade silicone, based on the customer’s uploaded image. Additionally, flavours, colours and the quantity can be selected during the ordering process. Finally, the 3D printed moulds are taken to Papabubble. There they are used to produce the personalised lollipops, which are then shipped to the customer.

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Originally founded in Barcelona in 2004, Papabubble has now several stores spread all over the world, selling their candy made using ancient artisanal processes. Visitor of their stores can not only buy sweet and colourful products but also get to attend live candy shows and can taste the variety of flavours beforehand.

The 3D printed lollipops can be ordered starting at a quantity of 30 pieces, with prices starting at $ 90 for one flavour and color.

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