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Dr. Brent Stucker is keynote speaker at the 20th Rapid.Tech 3D

At the 20th edition of Rapid.Tech 3D, one of the largest trade fairs for 3D printing technology, Dr. Brent Stucker, a pioneer of the additive manufacturing process, will open the second day of the congress. Alongside other key keynote speakers such as Dr. Radu Donose from ASML, Jochen Wendling from BMW and Dr. Jan Brummund from InnoSyn, the event promises to paint a comprehensive picture of the current and future potential of additive manufacturing.

Dr. Stucker, who is known for his more than 30 years of expertise in the industry and whose work is featured in the annual Wohlers Report, has been nominated this year for induction into the TCT Hall of Fame, which honors outstanding inventors, developers and users of additive technologies. His keynote speech on May 15, 2024 will address important challenges and the significance of additive manufacturing as a pioneer for the future, not in a traditional lecture, but in a discussion with Prof. Dr. Christian Seidel from Munich University of Applied Sciences. This discussion promises new insights into the field of technology and its application sectors.

InnoSyn will present its role as a pioneer in the development of 3D-printed flow reactors for industrial chemical processes, which make it possible to create finer reactor structures than with traditional methods. These innovations allow for more precise customization to the requirements of chemical processes.

ASML, a global supplier of lithography systems for semiconductor production, will show how additively manufactured components contribute to improving the performance of its machines. Dr. Radu Donose will talk about the use of additive manufacturing technologies at ASML and the internal standards for quality assurance that enable reliable parts production for suppliers as well.

BMW will emphasize the importance of additive manufacturing in the automotive industry, particularly in the emission-free mass production of cylinder heads using additively manufactured sand cores. Jochen Wendling will speak about this innovative process and its importance for reducing emissions from gasoline engines.

The specialist congress, accompanied by eight industry and science forums, will delve deeper into the topics of the keynotes and cover a wide range of topics from aerospace, mobility and software/design to new fields such as chemistry and process engineering. Now in its 20th year, Rapid.Tech 3D continues to set standards for the future of additive manufacturing.

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