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Efficient recycling with AI: Polystruder unveils GR PRO R3

Polystruder, a pioneer in plastics recycling technology, announces the launch of the Polystruder GR PRO R3. As the third generation of the innovative plastic shredder, this product sets new standards in the shredding of plastics for the additive manufacturing process. Seamlessly integrating state-of-the-art AI technology, the Polystruder GR PRO R3 offers efficient and effective solutions for both industrial applications and personal use.

Building on the success of its predecessor, the first AI-powered plastic shredder on the market, the Polystruder GR PRO R3 utilizes the company’s proprietary ShredAI algorithm. This proprietary technology uses artificial intelligence to recognize material properties in real time and automatically adjust the motor power and speed for optimal shredding performance. This not only increases efficiency, but also improves safety for the user.

The R3 series features numerous improvements, including a refined blade profile, a lighter and stiffer frame and an improved ShredAI algorithm that recognizes the hardness and properties of the material. Additional protective features further enhance the product’s safety and performance standards.

In response to customer feedback, Polystruder is now offering enhanced shipping options for the Polystruder GR PRO R3, providing more flexibility and convenience. This includes free shipping for customers in the US, an extended 1-year warranty with expedited shipping options, and the introduction of the exclusive “Lab Edition” model designed specifically for laboratory applications.

For customers who value convenience, Polystruder now offers two shipping options for the Polystruder GR PRO R3: a standard delivery option and an expedited delivery option that promises a significantly shorter delivery time of 5 to 8 weeks. This option also includes an additional 1-year warranty, for a total of a 2-year warranty, and free shipping for customers in the USA.

With the introduction of the Polystruder GR PRO R3 Lab Edition, Polystruder is specifically addressing the needs of laboratories. This lab series features a durable 316 stainless steel frame, cutting blades and lightweight, paint-free aluminum panels. Designed for critical research applications, the laboratory-grade model includes a physical emergency stop button for increased safety.

The R3 series also benefits from an improved blade profile and new sensors developed in-house. Thanks to the updated ShredAI algorithm, which now monitors sensor and motor status, sensor failures can be accurately detected and rectified.

With the introduction of the Polystruder GR PRO R3 Lab Edition and the continuous improvement of its products, Polystruder demonstrates its commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction in the world of plastics recycling.

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