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Endeavor 3D integrates Materialise CO-AM with HP technology

Endeavor 3D, a leading contract manufacturer in additive manufacturing, has announced its strategic partnership with Materialise and HP to leverage the Materialise CO-AM software platform to increase the production capacity of its HP 3D printers.

“Endeavor 3D has a strong collaboration with HP, and integrating Materialise CO-AM enables us to offer a better experience for our customers,” said Janet Dickinson, Chief Operating Officer at Endeavor. “CO-AM software is the right tool for us to scale our business and achieve our efficiency initiatives in 2024, which includes a 20% increase in labor productivity and a 30% yield improvement.”

By implementing the Materialise CO-AM software platform on its HP Multi-Jet Fusion and Metal Jet 3D printers, the company is aiming to digitize its processes. This should optimize the workflow, reduce manual intervention and increase efficiency through automation.

“We have multiple manufacturing and quality control processes, so this tool also enables us to aggregate them into a more seamless workflow,” Dickinson said. “This update highlights Endeavor 3D’s investment in its quality control systems to ensure the highest quality output on behalf of our customers. Having a software platform that prioritizes qualification makes our overall production more efficient.”

The CO-AM software facilitates job management and data organization and enables team members to respond more quickly to customer requests. Production files are processed directly in Materialise Magics data preparation software and can be efficiently arranged on the print supports, improving overall production performance.

The CO-AM manufacturing execution system manages all HP 3D printers on the shop floor and provides real-time data for remote monitoring and quality management.

“To scale additive manufacturing, the industry is in need of printers that are designed for high productivity coupled with an integrated end-to-end workflow solution that focuses on lowering the cost of additive parts in production while managing quality. The collaboration between HP and Materialise delivers this solution for Endeavor 3D,” said Arvind Rangarajan, Global Head of Software and Data, HP Personalization and 3D Printing.

“This collaboration with Endeavor 3D and HP empowers us to drive industrial volume production with additive manufacturing,” said Udo Eberlein, VP of Software at Materialise. “The openness of the CO-AM Software Platform allows for deep integration with HP technology, which enables Endeavor 3D to optimize its production processes and build a strong foundation to scale as the company acquires more customers and expands its operations.”

The partnership between Endeavor 3D, Materialise and HP represents an important step in advancing additive manufacturing on an industrial scale and signals an advanced phase in the use of 3D printing technologies for demanding industrial applications.

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