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FIT AG launches Meltio’s innovative laser DED technology in the DACH region

FIT AG, a leading German service provider in the field of additive manufacturing, has recently announced the integration of Meltio‘s advanced laser DED technology into its portfolio. This strategic decision marks a significant step forward in the metal 3D printing industry in Germany and the DACH region.

Meltio’s technology, known for its efficient wire laser metal deposition (LMD), offers precise stacking of weld beads in a laser-generated molten pool. This method uses commercially available welding wire – a safe, clean and cost-effective metal feed. The unique feature of the Meltio engine is its seamless integration into robotic and CNC systems, which opens up new possibilities in various industries.

“We are thrilled to be working with FIT AG and KnowHow Wilhelms, as this collaboration between us serves as a great indicator of how Meltio’s partner ecosystem is evolving. Together we will be able to cater to the ever-growing interest in Meltio’s technology and its applications. As well as by leveraging FIT’s knowledge, we will be able to further develop the adoption of Meltio unique wire-laser metal additive manufacturing for different industries. – Moisés Moza Sanchez, Sales manager in DACH region at Meltio.

FIT AG plans to play a key role in the spread of this technology in the DACH region by integrating the Meltio engine into a robotic arm. In addition, the company will contribute to the further development and improvement of the technology and support the demand for Meltio parts for a wide range of industrial applications.

Carl Fruth, founder and CEO of FIT AG, announces, „The Laser DED wire technology by Meltio is what appears to be an ideal enhancement of our inventory of AM technologies. We see fantastic opportunities here to develop ground-breaking new applications all along wit our customers.“

Another advantage of Meltio’s technology is that it bridges the performance gap between selective laser melting and wire arc additive manufacturing (WAAM). While WAAM is used for coarse metal parts and laser melting is often cost-intensive, Meltio’s laser DED offers an efficient intermediate solution. The experts at FIT can draw on their special expertise in multi-axis toolpath programming, which they have developed intensively in recent years.

The introduction of Meltio technology by FIT AG demonstrates not only their commitment to innovative additive manufacturing processes, but also the potential of this technology to open up new areas of application in the field of metalworking and to optimize existing production methods.

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