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Formnext 2022: The highlights in the finishing of metal AM parts

At Formnext 2022, in Hall 12.0 on Stand B41 visitors will be able to join the dots and get the most up-to-date information on the very latest breakthroughs in advanced post processing for metal additive manufacturing (AM) applications. It is on this stand that three companies have partnered due to their complementary commercial developments in this area, namely Rivelin Robotics, Surfineers and TextureJet.

These three companies are at Formnext 2022 with one mission: to disrupt the status quo when it comes to post processing for metal additive manufacturing production applications. To date, the flexibility of AM has been one of its greatest selling points, however, the inflexibility of post processing, particularly for series production applications, has been a barrier to industrialisation. The reality is that many metal AM applications with huge potential do not reach compliance and often fail because of post processing solutions, or a lack thereof.

Together Rivelin Robotics, TextureJet and Surfineers bring the expertise, technical excellence and flexibility to post processing that the AM industry has been demanding and can deliver a fully integrated solution for the post processing value chain. With this holistic approach, the companies combine their individual expertise to form a cohesive and effective package that customers benefit from in multiple ways: speed and agility, flexibility of solutions and the focus on what is most important: the highest quality finish of the components.

At Formnext 2022, visitors will be able to see how the three companies collaborate and bring their product offerings together. Rivelin Robotics, winner of the FormNext 2022 start-up award, is showcasing its NS-0 robot; a system that enables automated series post processing of metal AM components with repeatability and best-in-class quality. Furthermore, the team will showcase its no-programming approach to controlling their NetShape product line-up, reducing the barrier to entry for customers and increasing processing speed, reliability and repeatability even further.

Texture Jet will demonstrate how the company has successfully industrialised its patented, high precision surface texturing and finishing technologies for the high value-added industry sectors. Additionally, this electrochemical jet machining (EJM) process is featured on the NS-0 robot from Rivelin in the form of the STAT machine tool, with which targeted complex surface textures and mirror polished surfaces are possible.

The Surfineers integrate the technologies from Rivelin and Texture Jet as well as any pre- and post-processes necessary to reach customer requirements effectively. These technical consultant experts bring the necessary project management and industrial implementation skills to approach the topic of metal AM post processing with a holistic and integrated view for the benefit of the customer.

Find out more about Rivelin Robotics at rivelinrobotics.com.

For more informaiton about the Surfineers, please visit surfineers.com.

To learn more about Texture Jet, please vist texturejet.com.

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