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Hans Fouche 3D Prints Acoustic Guitar

Hans Fouche, a South African engineer and inventor who built his own FDM 3D printer called “Cheetah”, has already created some amazing large-size objects such a fully functioning lawn mower and vacuum cleaner. His latest project is a 3D printed acoustic guitar, based on the design of a wooden Yamaha guitar.

The Cheetah 3D printer uses pellets instead of filament and features a large build volume of 1 cubic meter, to create objects at an incredibly fast speed, hence its name. With a price of $ 4 per kg, using ABS granules significantly reduces the cost per print. The standard version of the printer is equipped with a 3 mm nozzle and has a flow rate of 0.5 kg per hour.

The 3D printed guitar is an exact replica of the wooden model. Its soundbox was printed in 3.3 mm layers and with a total wall thickness of 6.6. mm, while the neck is made of solid ABS material. Compared to the original wooden version weighing only 2.2 kg, the 3D printed guitar is a bit heavier (3.5 kg). Below you can watch a first video, demonstrating the first prototype can actually be played. Unfortunately the sound quality of the video itself is not great, so hopefully some more footage will follow soon.

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