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Holcim completes Switzerland’s first 3D printed building on site

Holcim, with the support of PERI, has completed Switzerland’s first 3D-printed building, a 150 m2 showroom, in just 55 hours and 8 days.

Holcim developed a new concrete mix that requires less cement and at the same time has a higher strength than the conventional mortar used by other 3D printers. This made it possible to print curved walls for the showroom that reach a height of 6.2 meters and contain a total of 60 cubic meters of concrete.

The structure was printed for Kobelt AG, a St. Gallen-based company known for high-quality construction and renovation services since 1964. Faced with limited space in their previous offices, Kobelt AG chose Holcim and the innovative 3D construction printing technology to build a new showroom while exploring the possibilities of 3D printing in construction.

Holcim Switzerland worked with the experienced PERI 3D Construction and used a BOD2 3D printer from COBOD to realize this project. The building, which is designed as a showroom, covers an area of 150 square meters. The impressive speed at which the curved walls were printed would not have been achievable using conventional methods.

Kevin Böhlen, Project Manager at Holcim Switzerland, commented on the completion of the printing: “We printed the showroom in eight printing days with a total of 60 m³ of concrete. There were several challenges, but these learnings will help us improve our workflow for future projects. A special thanks to everyone who helped us and supported us. Also, a big thanks to Kobelt AG for their trust in us to print the first onsite building in Switzerland”.

The interior of the showroom combines minimalist design with a harmonious blend of wood and the unique printed concrete walls. Functional zones such as meeting areas, sample exhibitions, a children’s corner, a coffee kitchen and a separate meeting room accessible via a circular staircase contribute to a modern and uncluttered aesthetic.

Henrik Lund-Nielsen, Founder & General Manager of COBOD commented: “We congratulate Holcim on the development of the new 3D printable real concrete. For long we have been advocating printing with real concrete and not mortars, as the printing with mortars leads to use of more cement, higher CO2 emissions and costs. We need to lower the CO2 footprint of the construction sector, and this we can achieve by 3D printing material efficient design with real concrete, not mortars”.

The completion of this project marks a significant advance in the application of 3D printing technology in construction and demonstrates the potential for faster, more sustainable and efficient construction processes.

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