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Hoover Lets You 3D Print Vacuum Accessories

The vacuum manufacturer Hoover has partnered with MakerBot to offer its clients the download of 3D printable vacuum accessories on Thingiverse.

Their pilot program started yesterday with the release of two 3D printable accessories for the Hoover Air Cordless: a flashlight mount to be fixed on the extension wand to light up darker corners and a snap-on battery mount to hold an extra battery that comes with the device.

“3D printing at home will offer unique opportunities for brands like Hoover,” says Paul Bagwell, Global Vice President of Product Development for Hoover. “We wanted to explore those opportunities early in the development of the technology. We are driven by innovation that meets consumers’ needs, and we are continually evaluating new technology that may help deliver this.”

A few months ago Hoover has set up a team of designers, engineer and developers to come up with an idea of “how to design vacuum tools and accessories that better address consumer needs“. According to the company we are about to see more of their designs next spring.

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