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Increased efficiency in metal 3D printing thanks to innovative robotic cell

Additive manufacturing, particularly metal 3D printing, is taking a significant step forward thanks to a new collaboration between One Off Robotics and Meltio. This alliance aims to develop a turnkey work cell for 3D printing that is characterized by high usability and comprehensive support.

The collaboration marks a milestone in 3D printing technology by combining Meltio’s Wire Laser Metal Deposition (W-LMD) technology with One Off Robotics’ robotic expertise. The result is a state-of-the-art robotic cell specifically designed for metal 3D printing. This cell promises more efficient and reliable production of metal parts in various industries such as automotive, aerospace and oil and gas.

The One Off Robotics cell offers an impressive deposition rate of up to 1 kg per hour and produces parts that are superior in density and mechanical properties to conventional manufacturing methods. Thanks to an 8-axis system, complex geometries can be printed more easily, while integration into existing manufacturing environments is facilitated by the user-friendly controls and compact design.

In addition to the robot and the W-LMD system, the unit also includes a two-axis positioning system, machine vision for laser alignment, a welding camera and a safety cabin. Optional extensions such as a thermal SWIR camera and printing with two materials are possible. Meltio and One Off Robotics also provide comprehensive training and technical support.

Meltio Engine Product Manager, Alejandro Nieto expresses enthusiasm for this latest innovation: “Meltio’s main commitment with this new product offering with the One Off Robotics Cell powered by Meltio, Made in the USA is to offer all types of industries the ability to manage the entire manufacturing process using our metal 3D printing technology consisting of a Meltio head integrated into a robotic arm and a safe environment, to just produce parts. This new hardware system allows the customer to receive a ready-to-use cell for robotic metal 3D printing, removing the integration process and long assembly lead times.”

“One Off Robotics has spent years designing and building large-format robotic additive manufacturing work cells. We’re thrilled to expand our offerings to include a turnkey Meltio Robotic additive system. Our focus is customer success, so we designed this system from the ground up to be quickly installed and easily operated.” says Nick Johnson, CEO of One Off Robotics.

The cooperation between Meltio and One Off Robotics leads to a significant innovation in the field of additive manufacturing. The new system promises to change the way industries produce metal parts by providing an efficient, reliable and user-friendly solution. With this development, metal 3D printing will become even more accessible and versatile for applications in numerous industries.

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